Infographic on YouTube Marketing Tips

YouTube, the most popular video sharing platform, also happens to be the second largest search engine. It was started by PayPal employees in 2005 but is currently owned by the same company that owns the largest search engine, Google. YouTube processes over 3 billion search results each month. There are over 100 hours of videos uploaded every minute and more than 6 billion hours of videos viewed per month. That pretty well sums up why you should not miss out on YouTube marketing for your business. Given below is an infographic on YouTube’s business potential and marketing tips.

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YouTube marketing infographic

infographic via Mushroom Networks

YouTube Video Ranking

Though the exact algorithm for YouTube ranking is a top kept secret, there are 4 factors that play a major role in ranking your videos:

  1. Number of views your video gets
  2. Title of your video
  3. Description of your video, and
  4. User ratings of your video (number of likes, dislikes, etc.)

So, you should keep these things in mind while uploading your videos. Make sure to include your keywords in the title and description of your video. Promote it to the best of your efforts and try to get maximum number of views, likes and comments. It will help you get more visibility and rank your video better and faster.

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